Providing Free Art Workshops to Youth and featuring Local Art Exhibitions throughout our Communities


Did you know that youth in the arts leads to greater success in schools, regardless of socioeconomic status? Benefits including higher grades, higher scores on standardized tests, increased community service, and lower dropout rates. Further, art participation helps prevent youth from getting involved in negative extracurricular activities in addition to helping them excel in school.​




Performing Arts offers an exciting platform for students of all ages to explore and develop their artistic talents in a supportive and fun-filled environment. The class is open to all ages and aims to nurture your passion for the performing arts while providing a solid foundation in acting.

Learn the art of painting on various mediums, such as stretched canvas, shoe canvas, and wood. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, instructors guide you through different techniques and provide valuable tips to enhance your painting abilities.

Join our sketching and drawing workshop to learn the art of sketching and drawing, including the captivating world of anime. Immerse yourself in a creative environment, surrounded by like-minded artists, as you explore various techniques and develop your skills.

  • There are many types of youth art programs: architecture, culinary arts, graphic design, animation, videography, music, sculpture, ceramics, glass-blowing, carpentry, performance art, poetry, multi-media, photography, fashion design, and many types of dance. Further, these are all beneficial trades/hobbies that will serve not only the student, but the community as a whole. Art programs provide a healthy alternative to crime, video gaming, and boredom in general.

  • Art programs are particularly important for students that struggle in high school. They can actually help teens with focus and discipline, while providing a sense of self-worth. Students should leave their program with a new knowledge that they truly make a difference.